1. Is the program offered part-time or through online/distance education?

2. Is the program only offered in Kingston? What about Toronto?

3. How much does tuition cost?

4. Is there any financial assistance with this program?

5. Do you accept late applications?

6. What are the prospects for graduates of the program?

7. My references have been unable to use the online portal to submit a reference for me – what do I do?

8. Should I still apply if my GPA is below the requested average?

9. Is the program only offered in September?

10. What is the fee to apply to the program?



1. The program is not offered part-time or through online/distance education. The RPRD is an intensive 4-month program best described as “boot camp” – that being a short, intensive, rigorous course of training. As such it is only offered full time.

2. The program is currently only being offered in Kingston, which is ideally placed between both Ottawa and Toronto. There are no immediate plans to expand to cities such as Toronto.

3. The tuition fees for the RPRD program for 2016-17 were $10,323.50 for domestic students, and $20,172.00 for international students..  More details can be found on our Apply page about when tuition fees for 2017-18 will be available.

4. Successful applicants, being those who are admitted to the program, are eligible for a GRI (Global Risk Institute) Tuition Award. There is no formal application to submit for this award. Rather successful applicants are considered on a case by case basis by our directors.

5. We are accepting applications until the program is full.

6. The program has strong support from the following – Bank of Canada, Department of Finance, OFSI (Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions) and CDIC (Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation). The GRI (Global Risk Institute), which is partnered with the program, has also been advertising in the private sector. In addition, the program directors will help all hard working students by writing letters of reference and, where appropriate, contacting potential employers.

7. Please have your references check that the email has not been sent to their junk mail or spam, as some email filters may direct it there. If references are not able to locate the email, the applicant should contact the RPRD Program Assistant, who can follow up with this issue.

8. Ideally applicants who apply will meet or exceed the requested GPA (3.3) or a B+ (77-79%). Those who are below this average may contact the RPRD program for their recommendations.

9. Yes, the program is only offered in September of each year, for 4 months, September to December.

10. The fee to submit an application through the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) is currently $105.