RPRD 804: Advanced Topics in Risk Management and Regulation

The idea of this course is to cover important topics in more detail. The aim will be to bring in experts to cover key topics after introductory lectures by resident faculty. Given the background provided by the other courses, the experts can assume that the class is well-prepared and participate in a seminar-workshop environment. On some topics, we will be using our extensive network of connections with current and former officials of OSFI, the Bank of Canada, the Department of Finance and CDIC, as well as risk managers in the large Canadian banks.

Past Topics:

  • What tools and knowledge will tomorrow’s risk managers need?
  • Credit risk management
  • Traded market and credit risk
  • Model risk: limitations and failures
  • Systemic risk and central counterparties
  • Risk appetite: linking strategy and execution
  • Sovereign risk and medium-term fiscal policy
  • Supervision of financial institutions and lessons from the global financial crisis
  • Key issues in bank regulation, including bank capital regulation
  • Capital regulation: stress testing
  • How the Basel Committee operates and the use of risk models: regulation and supervision Bank resolution policy
  • Bank resolution policy
  • Bail-in debt
  • Bank governance including boards and risk committees

RPRD 804 schedule 2018