RPRD 803: Financial Regulation

Proposed Topics

  1. Financial Crises: Types, Contagion, and Prediction
  2. Why Regulate?
  3. Expected Loan Losses: Provisioning and Accounting
  4. Capital Regulation: An Introduction
  5. Capital Regulation: Optimal Bank Capital Risk-weighting versus Simple Leverage
  6. Liquidity Regulation, Deposit Insurance, and Bank Runs
  7. Liquidity: Lender of Last Resort and Market Maker of Lost Resort
  8. Macroprudential tools to counter procyclicality
  9. Macroprudential tools and the cross-section
  10. Macroprudential oversight, Macroprudential policy and monetary policy
  11. Regulation of financial market infrastructure
  12. Macroprudential regulation of shadow banking
  13. Market discipline and Basel pillar 3
  14. Bank resolution, ring fencing, and cross-border issues
  15. Governance of regulation; Strengths and weaknesses of Canadian regulation

Because this field is changing rapidly, recent papers and texts by academics, regulators, and central banks will be used to cover the topics above.

RPRD 803 reference list 2017