RPRD 803: Financial Regulation

This course discusses current theory, practice and unresolved problems in financial regulation, especially in relation to controlling risks in financial institutions and the financial system.

 Major Topics

  1. Financial Crises: Types, Prediction and Cost
  2. Why Regulate?
  3. Bank Equity Capital Regulation
  4. Liquidity Regulation, Deposit Insurance, Bank Runs, and Lender of Last Resort
  5. Macroprudential tools: Theory, Practice, and Effectiveness
  6. (Student Presentations) Shadow banks, market discipline, ring-fencing, and cross-border issues
  7. Strengths and weaknesses of regulation and key current issues

Because this field is still changing rapidly, recent papers and texts by academics, regulators, international institutions and central banks will be used to cover the topics above. Textbooks will also be used for some topics.

RPRD 803 course description for participants 2018